Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gotta Love Switchback Longboards

       When you go through the online checkout process with Switchback Longboards (Nanaimo company) there is a plethora of prefixes for you to choose from. They have the usual Mr, Mrs, and Ms, but they also have "Human" and "Alien" to name just a few of the options for customers to select. I got a laugh out of this and decided to pick one of the crazier options that was available, just to see if they would do it, and guess what...
They really put it on there

       I also do a fair bit of longboard riding to go to and from campus, sometimes several times a day since I live close by and can go home between some classes. Every once in awhile I'm asked by curious pedestrians where I get some of longboard stuff from so I asked Switchback to send a few extra stickers along with my last order so I could hand them out when asked and they delivered on that front too!

       To top it off they ship for free on orders over 25$ and orders always arrive quickly, and they have a great selection of gear to boot!

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