Sunday, November 20, 2011

A General Review of Urban XT Footwear

       I've decided it's high time I get around to giving this blog the life saving defibrillation it needs to keep afloat and have chosen a short but sweet review as my means of doing so.
       This experience with a pair of Urban XT Shoes from Shoe Warehouse dates back to August 20th. It was a very beautiful morning, and I think I remember it as well as I do because the 20th was my birthday. I was going to be spending a sizable chunk of the day watching a friend play a couple rounds of Warhammer 40K and opted to head downtown early and grab a super healthy birthday breakfast from McDonald's. I hopped on the Switch and made it downtown very quickly since by this point I was getting "pretty boss at footbreaking." Sounds quite funny, even to myself. Moving along though, I chowed down on some Sausage McMuffins and set away blogging in Micky D's when I saw my friend round the corner of the street and decided I should probably join him. Walking along the sidewalk with my buddy now, I noticed my left foot felt a little slippery. I should mention this was a brand new set of Urban XT skate shoes I was wearing at the time. I chose not to think much of the slippery feeling under my left foot and only opted to check it out when we made it to our final destination. I lifted my left foot onto my right knee and the picture to the left is what I saw.
       Brand new Urban XT shoe sole, disappearing before my eyes after one trip downtown. One. Trip.
       I know a lot of people wear these shoes longboarding and skateboarding, and I assume that maybe they either don't go down hills, or are slick enough on a board to not require footbreaking to make it down a hill. I also see a lot of folks wearing them as general purpose footwear but I can't make a comment on general fit and feel of the shoe since I never made it past the break in period with them.
       This shoe goes on the newly started "Learning to Longboard does not recommend" list. Go with Vans or Etnies or DC shoes, any other brand with a reputation for making quality skate footwear!
       Posts as to why I haven't been regularly posting will be arriving in December (school, shocking, I know), along with an update with my progress on learning to longboard on a Landyacht (isn't alliteration adorable?). Let me just say that I have not given up on learning to ride a board and have made a few good leaps and bounds in the last few months which I very much look forward to sharing with the internet. I have a more refined direction I'll be taking with the blog in in 2012, which unfortunately for me, will likely end up catering to a very small, niche group of longboarders. It's still going to be hella epic.

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